Second heat in Norway – Result now live.

Back for another go at it are those Pesky Norwegians.  This is the second of their first round heats leading up to a big old shindig after the Winter Olympics!.  Just like Last Week we have four songs in two semi final Duels with the winner of each, voted for by you at home with the App, going through to the final.

The results of those duels and the second direct qualifier to the final is below.  I think it’s not going to be that bad of a thing to say that Music wasn’t the winner in this contest.  The 4 songs presented were a “touch on the weak side” shall we say.

First Round
Song Performer(s)
Bad baby Lily Löwe
With me tonight Steffen Jakobsen Q
Dangerous Farida Q
Kvelertak Daniel Lukas
Song Performer(s)
With me tonight Steffen Jakobsen
Dangerous Farida Q


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[…] this week saw the second round of four in Norway.  To be frank, not a very inspired selection of songs this week meant that the […]


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