Slovenia – Never knowingly Superfluous – avec result!

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True, i’m not quite so sure why sixteen songs have to be whittled down in Slovenia but, considering I am an EMA watcher of old, don’t let me stop you RTVSLO!!

50% Televoting giving us 4 qualifiers and 50% – ahem  – Professionals gave us another 4 qualifiers means that from the list below, the 8 highlighted get through to next week’s grand final   I bet you can hardly wait!

Song Performer
Pozitiva Anabel
Ljudje Tanja Ribic
Zive sanje KiNG FOO
Vesna Indigo
Dan potem ManuElla
Svoboda MILA
Tisoc let ORTER
Zdaj sem tu Lara Kadis
Ptica BQL
Ukraden cvet Proper
Uspavanka Nika Zorjan
Blizu Marina Martensson
Ne zapusti me zdaj Nuska Drasck
Zdaj je cas Gregor Ravnik
Cirque Lea Sirk

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[…] Slovenia – Never knowingly Superfluous – avec result! […]