Vidbir 2022 – Eurovision in times of trouble – Alina Pash to Eurovision

Despite the fact that they are currently resisting Russian troop build-up on their borders, the Ukrainian broadcaster did what broadcasters should always do – transmitted Eurovision selections (if it was good enough for ex-Yugoslavia).

This one started at a frankly ridiculous 4.30pm UK time, so I came to it very late indeed – so much so that I missed Cloudless having technical issues and having to perform a second time (aren’t I lucky?).

Anyhow, the Ukrainians had an eight-song final with Jamilla asking Very Hard Questions™ again of the participants, seemingly, after each performed.

The result was determined by a three-person jury and a televote.

They took the scoreboard down at some point during the televote, and seemingly the jury scores were also wrong but Alina Pash was declared the winner … I think

Draw Artist Song Jury Televote Total Place
Percentage Points
1 Cloudless “All Be Alright” 1 TBA 4 5 7
2 Michael Soul “Demons” 2 1 3 8
3 Our Atlantic Moia liubov 5 2 7 6
4 Barleben “Hear My Words” 4 3 7 5
5 Kalush Orchestra “Stefania” 6 8 14 2
6 Roxolana “Girlzzzz” 3 5 8 4
7 Wellboy “Nozzy Bossy” 7 6 13 3
8 Alina Pash Tini zabutykh predkiv 8 7 15 1


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