27 July – The goodbye will be like a sigh

You want colour? Well after two days of glorious monochrome it’s a now a good time to see if you’re colourblind or not. And it’s not only colour, it’s also from this century! Control yourself!

Do you remember Andorra? They took part six times, and today’s birthday girl Susanne Jonah-Lynn Georgi Puigcercós was the co-principality’s last entrant. Actually, Andorra was almost going to the old Luxembourg route of picking a non-native to sing for them. Susanne originally came from Denmark, but managed Andorra’s second-best ever placing. Some of who are probably old enough to know better miss Andorra and it’s quirkiness. Catalan is a language Eurovision needs, and as for the jury spokepeople with their interesting take on French, the Pyrenean nation is a joy to behold. Andorra – please come back.

Susanna is 43 today.

Feliç aniversari/Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Susanna!