Andorra – saving the Eurovision world, song by song

Andorran pop group Anonymous at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest

In every Thingyvision Thing Thong, there is one thong that arrives when everyone’s a wee bit jaded, and instantly grabs the attention. Something that glues you to the screen and demands that you don’t look away until it’s finished.

Anonymous have this in spades – I’d never have guessed from comments on various blogs that they’d be so great on stage. I thought political actuvism was mire their thing.

Hang on … I’m just hearing through my earpiece that it’s not the same Anonymous. Phooey.

This is really tapping into a zeitgeist here without doing it in a Siegel/Meinungery way – the whole global environment thing is definitely on people’s minds.

I’m seeing this as potential winner of the whole contest now, and I hope it does – Lordi prepared Eurovision to change, and I think these lads can make the change irreversible.

Carbon offsetting is a wonderful thing.