Welcome to do an Andorran day….

Susanne Georgi
Susanne Georgi performing for Andorra in 2009.

Franko: Some you assembled readers will know of my unfortunate experience with a drunk Andorran singer after the 2004 semi final and some of you will know of my fondness for ginger both of which are present in this next one. And actually I really rather like it. It’s definitely one of the pleasanter songs in this contest. They look like they’re determined to enjoy themselves no matter what which is probably the best way to approach this if are representing Andorra. The performance certainly benefits from their bubbly personalities and whilst they don’t absolutely nail all the notes, the end result is really rather nice. But that alas is about all I can say for it I’m afraid. It’s going to get totally lost in the mass of weirdness around it and do an Andorran as the old saying goes.I’d really love them to qualify especially with this, but it ain’t gonna happen. Sorry girls and see you at the after show party 🙂

Phil: Well she’s no Ginger Spice. There is a word that is used quite a lot in this parish, and that word is ‘inoffensive’. That’s exactly what this song is. It doesn’t do anything you would not expect a nice, light, bouncy schlagertastic song to do. It doesn’t grab you by the back of the head, ram you into a wall and say “vote for me”.

Which is good in one way – but bad in another, I suspect. It does have Eurovision Choreography in spades though – Lots of marching down the stage and she thinks she is a rawk chick by flicking the rock horns at the camera!

Unfortunately – She isn’t!