14 October – I’m going to miss you, maybe

We’re going east today. Not that far east, but east enough to be in a different time zone. Lovely Belarus has never won the big contest, but they’re getting there slowly.

In all Belarus’s years, they’ve only performed in Belarusian once. No matter, today’s birthday boy Руслан Фёдаравіч Аляхно, Ruslan Feodaravich Alekhno sang in English, but as he was amidst a bunch of other songs in English, it was probably why he didn’t make the cut and sing on the Saturday night. But as we’ve got to know, those Belarusians know how to put on a stage show. So enjoy this three minutes of pure theatre.

Ruslan is 38 today.

З днём нараджэння, Руслан!