18 May – We will go for it and I know you’ll be mine forever

When you’re on that Eurovision stage, it can sometimes help if you have a gimmick. It could be a big prop or humorous sidekick cavorting around the stage. And sometimes, you might onlt want to reveal that gimmick at the end.

Today’s birthday boy Alekseev (né Микита Володимирович Алєксєєв/Mykyta Volodymyrovych Alieksieiev) went to sunny Portugal with high hopes. Representing Belarus, but born elsewhere, he cast himself as an angst-ridden twenty-something. It was an interesting performance, made more so by Alekseev’s partner in crime on stage doing all sorts of interesting things. But the real gimmick comes at the end. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll have to watch right through. This gimmick may not have gone down too well with the voters out there, the juries less so. But he can guarantee being on plenty of ‘What Eurovision is’ compilations.

Alekseev is 28 today.

З днём нараджэння, Аляксееў!

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