28 May – At the end of the rope

It’s sometimes the case that someone is credited as a performer, but they don’t actually sing. They could be really famous, and there’s a hope their name will capture a few extra votes.

Today’s birthday girl Маймуна Амаду Мурашка/Maimuna Amadu Murasjko, known professionally as Maimuna palled up with Uzari. No, not the savoury flavouring, but a younger Belarusian singer. She didn’t do any singing, but was a demon with a violin. You might notice that she’s of part Malian extraction. She’s not the first performer to have that heritage. Anyhow, Maimuna and her buddy didn’t quite do enough to make it to the Grand Final in Vienna. But at least they didn’t score ‘no points’ in the Grand Final.

Maimuna is 39 today.

З Днём Нараджэння, Маймуна!