28 May – Time is like thunder

Performing at the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t always about being the singer. You could a credit as a performer, but through another role. And if you’re a competent instrumentalist, then why not?

Today’s birthday girl Маймуна Амаду Мурашка/Maimuna Amadu Murashko got a credit for her skills with a violin. She did her stuff with her pal Uzari in Vienna, performing a pleasant song they co-wrote. It was another one of those cut-throat semi-finals and they finished a creditable twelfth place. As we know, pleasant is never good enough. You have to have that extra something which the qualifiers must have had. Still, Maimuna proves that violining can be cool.

Maimuna is 31 today.

З днём нараджэння, Маймуна!