Nick: It’s an interesting staging … Laka’s sister at the washing lines. Four brides with bouquets. And indications that Laka is planning on looking every bit as deranged and runny-abouty as he did in the initial presentation, although he doesn’t yet. Crazy golf-style windmills on the backdrop. I attach no importance whatsoever to who wins the semifinals, but Laka’s going to. Indeed, there’s plenty still to be revealed here, but I reckon we’re watching the first genuine contender to win the whole contest. In a caring and respectful way.

Phil: I have to admit – I don’t get this at all…. and if someone would explain it to me then I would be grateful. You will be pleased to hear that there is no chickens on stage – they are on the screens behind, however, there are women in bridesmaids outfits and all sorts of washing on the line that is revealing the word “Love” To me, it’s hideous … but I am open to being convinced!!