28 November – You’re such a casual man

We miss Hungary. There, we’ve said it. Putting politics aside, they’ve put in some memorable stuff since that début in sunny Ljubljana in 1993. It’s not all been plain sailing, but without Hungary, it would be a far poorer contest.

One of those memorable performances came from today’s birthday girl Magdi Rúzsa (née Магдолна Ружа/Magdolna Rúzsa). She wowed us with her unique voice, and very few other performers could pull off singing at a bus stop. She even finished second in the semi-final, behind the eventual winner. She managed a ninth place in the Grand Final. Some countries would kill for a single-digit result like that these days. We’re unlikely to see Hungary back in the fold any time soon, but Magdi’s placing has only been beaten by fellow countrymen and women three times. And her song is a classic.

Magdi is 38 today.

Boldog születésnapot, Magdi!