Who made it through in Hungary?


The final heat of A Dal 2019 aired this evening and we now have the eighteen that will take us through the next fortnight. In case you have forgotten, check out the results of the first and second heats.

The top five from the jury and televote go through to the semifinal stage (marked with a Q) along with another qualifier (q) from a second round of televoting only.

Scores feel (and seem to be) generally lower than the first semi and no where near as high as the second. Could it be that the producers front loaded the first two?

1stCarouselThat night
2ndMarkus RivaYou make me so crazy
3rdLaime PilnīgaAwe
4thDouble Faced EelsFire
5thDziļi Violets feat. KozmensTautasdziesma
6thEdgars KreilisCherry Absinthe
7thSamanta TīnaCutting the wire
8thAivo OskisSomebody's got my lover