17 November – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

It’s one thing to be a soloist, another to be half of a duo, but another thing entirely to be part of a trio. Do you give yourselves a fancy name? Or do you insist that all of you get equal billing?

In 2008, our friends in the then Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia decided that all three singers should have their names displayed for all to see, rather than hiding behind a catchy title. They consisted of Tamara Todevska (who you might know from Tel Aviv), Adrijan Gaxha, and today’s birthday boy Раде ‘Врчак’ Врчаковски/Rade ‘Vrčak’ Vrčakovski. Rumours were afoot that rules had been changed to stop songs from their country qualifying. If that was the case, it may have worked. They finished tenth in their semi-final, and as they weren’t the special jury pick, they lost out to pesky Sweden.

Vrčak is 42 today.

Среќен роденден, Врчак!