2 March – I’m going to feel the warm wind on my face again

One of the smaller members of our happy Eurovision family is a country near Greece. It’s known officially as North Macedonia, but was previously the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Or unofficially as the Republic of Macedonia. But let’s hope you never FYROM-ed it, oh dear me no.

But such is this place’s notoriety, it caused a whole rule change. One of the performers that almost fell foul of this rule was Ѓоко Танески/Gjoko Taneski. At least, he would’ve fallen foul of the rule if he’d finished 10th and then been overlooked. Sadly he finished 15th. But Albania liked his song. And Bosnia. And Hercegovina. But it didn’t damage Gjoko’s career – he’s still turning out music.

Gjoko is 46 today.

Среќен роденден, Ѓоко!

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