2 November – They all tried to break us

Those performers selected for 2020 but ended up performing a year later. They were a patient bunch. And some must have thought they’d blown their chance when the 2020 contest was cancelled.

Today’s birthday boy Васил Гарванлиев/Vasil Garvanliev had to wait to get his three minutes of fame. Unfortunately for him he only got three minutes, and not six or even nine. His 2021 performance was powerful interpretation of a big ballad, and he had a waistcoat to remember, which definitely must have caught your eye. In Vasil’s defence, his performance was liked in almost equal measures by the juries and televoters, which means it must have been pitched about right. Sadly, his score wasn’t enough to make it out of a cut-throat semi-final. Maybe the voters wanted something more edgy than a big musical ballad.

Vasil is 38 today.

Среќен роденден Васил!