27 November – I have to drink to get drunk

Our friends in North Macedonia, formerly the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are a noteworthy bunch. They came along in 1996, got stuck in the pre-selection, took a year out, and then came back two years later.

It’s 1998 where we go to today, when today’s birthday boy Владимир ‘Владо’ Јаневски/Vladimir ‘Vlado’ Janevski performed for his country. He was last on in Birmingham, so had the honour of being the last performer to be accompanied by an orchestra, as well as the first performer of his country to make it to a Saturday night show. His result wasn’t the best one. He didn’t win, nor did he finish last. Four countries put his song in the top 10, so he finished 19th out of 25. If you look around closely, he has been at subsequent contests, so there’s still a place for the former Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s elder statesman.

Vlado is 59 today.

Среќен роденден, Владо!