28 April – the wheel of fortune will spin again

Many people have had a second try at winning our favourite TV show. Maybe it’s the competition they like. Or maybe it’s the free stuff for the performers at the opening party. Or the free stuff at the closing party. Or having thousands of people hang onto your every word for those two weeks in May.

Today’s birthday girl Каролина Гочева/Karolina Gočeva had two goes, and did better the second time than the first. This doesn’t always happen, so she can consider herself very lucky. Maybe if she comes back a third time she could do better still. Or maybe she wants to leave Eurovision as a closed chapter in her life, so she can enjoy life all year, rather than for just two weeks of it. I’ve gone for 2002, a performance which earned her the first of the two maxima she received in her two contests.

Karolina is 40 today.

Срецан родјендан, Каролина!