7 August – I’m not the man to be

Who, among the list of countries that have never won, would you like to see win? And why? Is it because they have had good songs in the past? Is it because they have decent food and drink? Is it because it’s cheap?

For all of their quality, Yugoslavia and its successor states have only won twice. Probably wrongly, but they do like to try. Like our friends in North Macedonia. They’ve put in some good stuff and who wouldn’t love to go to Скопје/Skopje. Today’s birthday boy Мартин Вучић/Martin Vučić carried his country’s hopes in 2005 by singing AND drumming his way through the semi-final and achieved a 17th place in the Grand Final in Київ/Kyiv. Drumming is an often forgotten talent so it’s good to see it from time to time. Nine countries agreed.

Martin is 40 today.

Среќен роденден, Мартин!