Lithuania & Australia

Dami Im at Eurovision

Sorry, I thought I’d posted Macedonia ages ago but realised I hadn’t clicked the button – oops! I’ve also been off chatting and having fika, and appearing in the background of some live Greek TV with a shout out by the Cypriots. As you do. Only ever at Eurovision. So let’s catch you up on the end of the on-stage action.

Only 10 songs today (compared with over 20 each on Friday and Saturday) but it already feels like a long day. I don’t know what it feels like for Donny Montell, who’s been waiting for this, well, 5 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon. Donny’s a bundle of energy on stage, giving us not quite his all but a sizable chunk of it. It’s just him in focus, and at times the stage may be a little big for him, but he mostly manages to control it. There’s a nifty little somersault on a trampoline near the end. He likes him gymnastics our Donny. It’s probably borderline to qualify but I kinda like it.

Australia is also up. Dami’s perched atop a glittery box, reclining in a big frock. She’s giving it all vocally and it’s very good indeed. There’s a high tech effect with images of computer and tablet screens around her that she interacts with, telling the story of the song of trying to connect. She comes down from the box – with help from one of the stagehands who ends up in shot.

Australia is very good indeed. I think this is a contender, more so based on this. She manages the camera interaction very well indeed, and with Israel this is the best rehearsal today for me. Now, who would they partner with to host it…?

I’m heading off now, so chat to you tomorrow.

Monty x