2 September – I’ll fly like a grey falcon

It’s another débutant today. Not, strictly speaking, a from a nation treading the boards for the first time, but nevertheless a début. Why, do you ask?

Montenegro had first been part of Yugoslavia, and then part of Serbia & Montenegro. But in 2007 the country with Podgorica as its capital got its first go in its own right. Today’s birthday boy Стеван Фeди/Stevan Faddy carried the first entry for his country. Always a challenge being first, but at least he didn’t perform first, unlike some of his subsequent compatriots. However, like most of his compatriots, he stayed firmly in the semi-final, so only got to point and laugh at the participants in the Grand Final. All his points came from Balkan states. But he gave it a good go.

Stevan is 33 today.

Срецан родјендан, Стеване!