Right, we’ve made it – just in time for Montenegro to …

Andrea Demirovic. Photo: (Indrek Galetin, EBU)
Andrea Demirovic. Photo: (Indrek Galetin, EBU)

… make my ears bleed. Jesus H Christ she was awful. I got into the Press Centre with just enough time to trot (or mince) into the hall which is 3 minutes away, and lo and behold, there was a Siegel production  staring at me from the immenseness that is the Olympiski.

Thinking, oh that’s not bad, we retired to the Press Center where it was on the TV, and blimey, have you ever heard such a load of out-of-tune-ness in all your life? Instead of the plethora of dancers that should be in the hall with her, just like in the video, you get one slightly camp man who really does a big fat nothing. He literally prances around her for the entire three minutes, possibly to detract from what a load of old nonsense this thing really is!!

Surely this morning must get better?

In other news, I am slightly hung over from drinking a bottle of death beer with Mr F (which he will be describing later), several vodkas, lots of chocolate and garlic chicken.

The apartment is still brilliant, although last night we ended up watching BBC World News instead of any strange Polish films. And on that subject, it was weird because it kept flicking from one scene to another without any thread or anything that meant it could be followed; with or without a language barrier.