14 February – I just don’t care

One thing that can sometimes help your song along is a great bit of choreography. Some songs are crying out for it, where obviously others don’t. So a Eurovision stage can be that pinnacle if your a dancer.

Today’s song has some memorable choreography, featuring people in different colours. No, you need to watch the song to see what I mean there. It also features today’s birthday girl Ю́лия Станисла́вовна Са́вичева/Yulia Stanislavovna Savicheva doing her best Avril Lavigne impression. As you’ll know, in 2004 some countries other than the Big Four were already in the final, and Russia was one of them. Yulia finished eleventh, getting one maximum. Guess who it was from. And guess what it was for. Was it the song or the choreography?

Yulia is 35 today.

С днем рождения, Ю́лия!