25 March – What if I could make you all believe?

What themes do you like in a song? Something about falling in love with another? Or falling out of love with another? Or wanting everyone to fall in love with everyone in the world?

Today’s birthday girl Дина Гарипова/Dina Garipova wanted us all to fall in love with each other. It’s a noble sentiment and something would all love to see. It’s also a nicely familiar theme, and it could be said that certain countries will always like this sort of thing if a certain other country sings about it. Anyway, Dina sailed through her semi-final in Malmö – scoring at least four points off every country – and then managing a fifth place in the Grand Final. It was all part of a run of five top ten placings for Russia, something other countries would glad give anything for these days. But say what you like about Russia, this is a good song.

Dina is 30 today.

С Днем Рождения, Дина!

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