30 April – What are you doing man?

Do you ever wonder why a certain song does so well or so badly? Do you think it was robbed of a place in the Grand Final, or got through when it shouldn’t have done.

Back in 2010, Russia sent today’s birthday boy Пётр Андре́евич На́лич/Peter Andreyevich Nalitch. His song attracted attention due to its unusualness, and many fans gave it no hope. Despite getting drawn second on a Tuesday semi-final, he got the votes he needed, and bagged some maxima in the process. It must have been the photo of his lost love. In the Grand Final he even finished in the top half of the final results. It goes to show what the fans sometimes know, and even an unfancied song can do well.

Peter is 40 today.

С днём рождения, Пётр!