27 November – Look around what’s happening abounds

I know we went old yesterday. So to make up for it, I’ve come into the 21st Century. After all, anyone who meets me would say I was balanced.

But onto the music. Today’s birthday boy Max Jason Mai (né Miro Šmajda) had a song that, it’s fair to say, divided opinion. Many genres of music come along, and some have more success than others. Hard rock is not one of those that normally goes down well. You need a fancy costume and kick-ass pyros to really pull it off. Sadly Slovakia haven’t really ‘got’ Eurovision yet. Max’s little ditty featured in the top 10 of six countries. But not enough to drag him off the bottom spot. My advice to our Slovak friends is to see what their neighbour Czechs have done. Come back and they’ll soon find their way.

Max is 34 today.

Šťastné narodeniny, Max!

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