Franko: We’ve only had a sound check so far and it’s already streets ahead of anything else that’s been on today. It’s not only sailing into the final but also to the top 5 on final night. This is how it’s meant to be done folks. Gone are the days when people scoffed at the likes of Bana Bana and Opera whilst sniggering at the Group Locomotiv. These lot know exactly what they’re doing and deserve the good result they’re going to get.

Best vocals and choreography of the day by a country mile. She’s clearly not even trying either which is what makes it particularly impressive. They are also one of the few today to realise that they are on a big stage and attempt to make use of it. I say attempt because I’m not sure anyone will nail it, it’s so vast. This one has greatly cheered my day up.

Phil: Even on the sound check with the lights off and no screens was the best thing of the day so far. Despite the formula that it is clearly adhering to, there is nothing bad that can be said about this song.

She has a look of the Elena’s about her – there is nothing that this would not do normally but, and here is the rub, there is nothing else in this bit of the semi final that has got me mildly excitable!!

I’ve heard it said that familiarity breeds contempt, but in this case, that is not a necessarily a bad thing – she does bound around the stage like an excitable little puppy but has a moody quality that you would expect and she does tend to should a great deal as opposed to sing the notes to me but …

Yes, this’ll do nicely ta very much!