12 February – Lovely petrol, sweet petrol I need you now, petrol

What’s the oddest subject of a Eurovision song you can think of? Many things have been covered, mostly about falling in love with someone, or falling out of love with someone.

Today we have a song about fuel. No, not that, erm, Crimson Oxen stuff you can mix with Jägermeister. No, this is the fuel – petrol. Or gasoline if you’re of a North American persuasion. Yep, it’s featured in song, sung by today’s birthday girl (Ayşe) Ajda Pekkan. She was years ahead of her time when she went to The Hague in 1980. Had she sung her song in the 21st Century it would have really done well. But 43 years ago was a different time, when Turkey could do no right. Of the four countries she beat, three have one at least once since 1980. The fourth sits on the sidelines these days. However, as subjects go, songs about petrol beats some of the darker subject people sing about nowadays.

Ajda is 77 today.

Mutlu yıllar Ajda!