31 May – Would you like it sweet and low?

Let’s be honest – our friends in Turkey are sorely missed from our favourite TV show. They added that bit of exotica to proceedings, and were gunning for another win when they abruptly stopped coming along in 2012.

Over the years, things weren’t good until 2003 when they only went and won. After that, there was one no-show in the Grand Final but top 10 finishes were generally the norm. In 2007, today’s birthday boy Kenan Cihan Doğulu donned a bright red ringmaster’s jacket, as if he were in a circus. Eurovision? Circus? Surely not. Anyway, his vivacious performance got him a fourth place in the Grand Final in Helsinki. He got five maxima, all from ‘Old Europe’ countries in north-west Europe. It must have been the exotica they craved.

Kenan is 46 today.

Doğum günün kutlu olsun, Kenan!

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