7 March – My loneliness knocked on my silent door again

Do you ever think of what might have been when you see someone on the Eurovision tage? Do you think of what it beat in a national final?

Back in 1998, Turkey (remember them) sent today’s birthday boy Tarkan Tüzmen. He’d battled through a national final, that had contained the young lady who had represented Turkey for the two previous years. That’s no mean feat as some thought if she won that national final, she could do better than the third place she achieved in Dublin. Anyway, our Tüzmen managed 14th place with his big ballad, and even got a 12 off Germany. That accounted for almost half of his points. What may have won him more was if the shiny detail hadn’t fallen off one of his coat lapels.

Tüzmen is 52 today.

Doğum günün kutlu olsun, Tüzmen!