You must have your favourite début entry. You know the one: a country dabbles for the first time in the paddling pool of song. They've been watching from the sidelines for years, watching people get suitably wet, and want in. And so they swallow their pride, pay that entrance fee and see what happens.

In years past, it was a big deal for a country to send its first song. We'd hear on the grapevine that [insert country here] comes along. If you're Serbia, you only go and win the thing. If you're the Czech Republic, well the least said about that the better. Back in 1986 in a little contest in Norway, we saw Iceland come along for the first time. Their national final featured just Pálmi Gunnarsson singing. By the time they got to Bergen, RÚV decided it needed more singers, so Helga Möller and Eirikur Hauksson were enlisted. It didn't quite set the stage alight, but it epitomised the 1980s in three minutes of Nordic gloriousness.


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