As you'll know, there were some surprises and some givens in Lisbon last month. We all wanted a certain country to qualify but it was never going to. Or there was the surprise qualifier that no-one gave a hope to. Or there was that song which, after two weeks of punditry and doubt, went and won despite being the pre-contest favourite.

Today's song comes from a different age, when a country who hasn't qualified for a final since 2014 was knocking on the door of a first win. Plenty of countries have lost their way over the years, but I feel a tad sorry for our friends in Iceland. But back in 2004, Jón Jósep 'Jónsi' Snæbjörnsson win the ticket to far off İstanbul and had a place in the final. There were high hopes but he only finished 19th. But his was a song that didn't mention the title of the song in the lyric.

Jónsi is 41 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Jónsi!