1 May – I’m almost a sinner, nearly a saint

It’s all very well celebrating winners. They deserve their praise as they’ve finished the top in their field. But for every winner, there are plenty of non-winners. Some being more non-winner than others.

Our friends in Germany haven’t had the easiest time of late. From those heady days of a second win in 2010, they’ve had a few non-wins since then. Today’s birthday girl Levina (née Isabella Lueen) did her stuff in Lyiv in 2017 and finished 25th. That might seem bad, but it was an improvement on the two years previously. Her points were also a pretty good split. Half from juries (well, one jury) and half from televotes (from one televote). It’s all a little harsh perhaps, as every act had jumped through so many hoops to get where they are, and probably warrant far more praise than they get. So just think, in less than a month acts will finish down towards the bottom. But they are still stars.

Levina is 30 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Levina!

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