Eurovision attracts all sorts. Actors who can sing. Singers who can act. All round entertainers. National treasures. And, ahem, 'characters'.

Today's birthday boy falls into one of those categories, and I'll let you judge which one it is. He sang for one the EBU's smaller countries, that uses the Euro. You don't believe me? Well just watch his stage show. It is of course Антоније Пушић/Antonije Pušić, better known as Рамбо Амадеус/Rambo Amadeus. He kept up Montenegro's tradition (at the time) of opening a semi-final, and usually not getting through to the final. He got 12 points from Serbia and eight from San Marino. Who would love to see him in Eurovision again?

Rambo is 35 today.

Сретан рођендан, Рамбо!