16 February – I love the untuned pianos

It must be something when you know you’re a country’s last ever entry at Eurovision. You’ll be the last word and you might even make those clip shows. And then someone comes along 25 years later…

Today’s birthday boy Laurent Vaguener (né Jean Baudlot) was, for a long time, the last singer for Monaco, even though he was French. He’s still the last man to sing for the country, so there’s some comfort there. Old Laurent had worked with many Francophones who had participated at the contest, so must have thought he knew what he was doing. So off he pops to Jerusalem with high hopes. Sadly for him, more countries had higher hopes than him, and he came away with 12 points from five juries. He didn’t finish last but only got three points from his native France. The last singer for Monaco he may not be anymore, but he the last to sing on a Saturday night. For now anyway.

Laurent is 74 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Laurent!