19 February – Tell me why, tell me why

Today’s a different birthday. It’s not always about the singers, although they’re the people you associate with any given song. There’s a whole team behind them.

We shouldn’t forget that our favourite TV show a songwriter’s contest. So today it’s the birthday of veteran songwriter Phil Coulter. In the 1960s and 1970s he wrote, or co-wrote, three songs that made it to the contest. One of these won. One of these was a runner-up. And the other one came fifth. As he;s from Northern Ireland, it could be argued that his best two songs were for his home country. His other one, and today’s pick, was performed by the lady who eventually became Mrs Coulter. And if you’re quick, you’ll see Mr C, as the only time he conducted one of his compositions.

Phil is 77 today.

Happy birthday, Phil!