Do you think the influx of countries after 2004 has made a difference? Are they just there to make the numbers up, or do they have a chance of winning?

Now Azerbaijan is one of these countries that has won. Ukraine débuted in 2003 and they've won twice. Which of these countries is next? Could it be Georgia? They've had a bit of luck in the past, including with the song by today's birthday girl დიანა ღურწკაია/Диана Гудаевна Гурцкая/Diana Gurtskaya. She finished 11th, going one better than her fellow countrywoman from the previous year. With the costume change and gravity-defying dancers, why did she not do better?

Diana is 40 today.

ბედნიერი დაბადების დღე, დიანა!


  1. Maybe because it wasn’t a good song or maybe the performance didn’t help the song.
    Probably it was both

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