Isn't it strange when a prediction comes true. Who would have thought the Simpsons would get it when they said we'd have a President Trump, for example.

Today's title was a portent from 2015. To be fair, it could have been used for any contest after that date that was coming from Tel Aviv. This line came from today's birthday boy נדב גדג'‬/Nadav Guedj, Eurovision's golden boy. At the time he sang, he was apparently 16 - yeah, 16. And you'll probably no Imri Ziv, sorry, IMRI (you have to shout) was a backing singer. Anyway, Nadav only went and finished third in his semi-final. And then ninth in the final. Israel's fortunes have been pretty good since then.

Nadav is 20 today.

יום הולדת שמח, נדב!