I mentioned a day or two ago that Portuguese was a very misunderstood language until 2017. If you were to listen to a compilation of songs from Portugal, you'll love some that got completely ignored.

Today's is definitely one of those. When we were last in Luxembourg (remember them?), the song from Portugal was performed last, and got a scattering of points from six juries out of 19. It deserved far far better. It came from today's birthday girl Maria Guinot, and is a classic amongst Oneurope circles. Even Mr Phil loves it. Probably so much he's a quivering wreck when he clicks on the link.

Maria is 73 today.

Feliz aniversário, Maria!


  1. One of my favorite Portugees entry of all times.

    Your friends at ESC Insight had last year a series of podcasts where people could choose 8 Eurovision songs they would take to an island. For the fun of it, I made a list for myself and this song almost got to that list, just missing out – that’s how much I love this song.

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