22 February – But don’t you recognise me?

If you were a singer on the Eurovision stage, would you keep your birth name, or would you adopt a stage name? A stage name could better show off your talent, and maybe be something more useful for foreigners.

Today’s birthday girl Bobbie Singer was born Tina Schosser, but took a name to fully show off what she excels at. Well what she excelled at in 1999. It begs the question whether any of her siblings did the same, for example Jackie Lawyer or Tommy Gynaecologist. Anyway, Bobbie got the plum draw of going to sunny Jerusalem. She finished a creditable 10th, but didn’t get a single point of a country using a jury. Tenth, by the way, was Austria’s result in 40% of the 1990s contests, so a nice way to end the 20th Century. And in the 21st Century they’ve only done better three times. Just goes to show changing your name might work.

Bobbie is 40 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Bobbie!

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