Those fans, eh? If things were left to them a whole load of different songs would have won contests, or even qualified for finals. They can be a stubborn bunch at times in what's hot and what's not.

Thus was the case in 2006. There were gasps when a certain song didn't make the final cut in Athens. She was a banker for a qualifier - you could have put your mortgage on her getting through. She was even on Greek breakfast TV the next morning, which was a bit harsh because she crashed and burned. I say crashed, she finished 12th. I am of course talking about Kate Ryan (née Katrien Verbeeck). But who cares, she was voted best-dressed performer.

Kate is 38 today.

Gefeliciteerd/Bonne anniversaire, Kate!


  1. A few yeas ago she was one of the acts for the closing party of Gay Pride Amsterdam.
    She sung several songs , but not this one.
    Not sure she has good memories of the contest.

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