22 September – Sores are on my back

Eurovision these days is all about English, isn’t it? No other language gets a look in, does it? English is always the way forward.

Except for in 2017. Yes, there was the usual crop of songs in English. Or at least in [insert country name]’s view of English. But in 2017, we remember that Salvador won with his sublime song. Not in English. Not Schlager. Not with an irritating light show. No wonder so many of the fans hated it. But a little further down the table you’ll find this non-English song by today’s birthday boy József ‘Joci’ Pápai. Who needs English when you can sing in Magyar and finish eighth? How many countries would kill to finish that high up these days?

Joci is 37 today.

Boldog születésnapot, Joci!