We pick songs from all eras here at Oneurope. From the glorious 1950s right until the present day. Do you have a preference? Are you firmly in the 21st Century, or do you like a bit of nostalgija?

Well today takes us back not just to the 20th Century. But to the 1960s, when the world was groovy and we were on the cusp of colour TV. Today's song is in magnificent colour and was in our only trip to Madrid. You must know about 1969. We had four winners and no-one knew what to do. It's a pity they didn't think of wrestling in tomatoes, although the EBU may have had something to say about that. One of the winners was today's birthday girl Danielle Frida Hélène Boccara. Sadly she was taken from us in 1996, but I think this was clearly the best of the four songs that tied. In fact Ill go so far to say this is a masterpiece.

Frida would have been 78 today.