Were you alive in the 1970s? And if so, do you remember contests in the 1970s. Today's pick might be remembered by some people, mainly for its hostess and the slightly odd voting system.

In 1972, we were in Edinburgh, because Monaco won the year before. An outdoor contest was discouraged by the EBU, so our friends at the BBC agreed to step in. The voting system meant that everyone scored at least 34 points. But no more than 170. And we saw the judges. Six duos - that's a third of the field - took part, which gives us plenty of birthdays to choose from during the year. Norway sent an eager team of Benny Borg and today's birthday girl Grethe Kausland. Their song Småting (little things) got little scores to match. Sadly, Grethe died in 2007 but was a regular with singing outfit Dizzie Tunes for many years.

Grethe would have been 71 today.