There's been recent news that Montenegro's call for songs has only yielded 10 eligible songs, out of about 200. It's that fact that made coincidentally pick today's birthday.

As you know, Montenegro are relative newcomers to our favourite TV show. They've only been in it as an independent country since 2007 and has two songs in the Grand Final. One of these comes from today's birthday boy Ненад 'Knez' Кнежевић/Nenad 'Knez' Knežević. His is the best ever finish by his country, and might have taken so many people by surprise by doing better than Montenegro's song in 2014. Nevertheless, Knez got decent scores in his semi-final, and then one maximum - among others - in the final.

Knez is 51 today.

Срећан рођендан, Кнез!