How are you on the free language rule? Do you think it's fine, or should countries sing in their own languages? Coming from where I do, a restriction might not be a good thing.

However, you have to admire countries that pick their own mother tongue. It can help if it's widely spoken, although you still need the quality song to back it up. Today I've picked a song that was sung in its native language, but only managed 23rd out of 25. It got 12s from France and Portugal but poor old Lucía Pérez managed little else of note. Maybe it was the way people couldn't quite translate the title into their own languages. Or the over-choreographed dancing. Or the roller-coaster simulation. Yes, I had to watch this stage performance in full (for the first time in seven years) to pick out those highlights.

Lucía is 33 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Lucía!