7 April – I won’t give into the motion

Eurovision can be controversial. We all know that. We'll try not to get involved with those contoversies here, save to say it makes our contest all the richer.

In 2018, today's birthday girl Ю́лия Оле́говна Само́йлова/Julia Olegovna Samoilova finally got to sing for her country at a Eurovision Song Contest. Until this year, she'd probably had the longest ever wait from selection to participation, so in that respect she was a trailblazer. Her trip to Lisbon didn't go quite how either she or her broadcaster wanted it to, and she was another one of those performers who ended watching the Grand Final without the pressure of having to sing in it.

Julia is 32 today.

С Днем Рождения, Ю́лия!

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