I know we can't always pick good songs. You know the ones I mean. The classics from the 1980s that can still hold their own in a 21st Century Eurovision disco. Or that instant one from after 2010 where people can still recount the tale of the singer and the bottle of Shiraz.

But of course almost every Eurovision song is special. The reason isn't always apparent and you might have to listen to it several times to get it. Today's birthday boy Мартин Вучиќ/Martin Vučić had one of those songs that divide opinion - possibly. He got the rules changed so a jury qualifier made the final instead of the song that might have finished 10th. He also won the Barbara Dex award in 2005. And he probably should have stuck to the drumming.

Martin is 36 today.

Среќен роденден, Мартин!