Now there's a lyric to get you wondering "What was the writer on when they wrote that?". It's very profound, and probably full of meaning. But somehow it loses something in the translation. After all, is bondage a suitable subject for a Eurovision stage?

In its native Slovene, that lyric must be something far more prosaic, so we need not be too worried. And we'd probably have to look at the context of the song to judge it properly. Today's birthday boy Omar Kareem Naber sang this in Kyiv in 2005. He has the dubious distinction of being one of the only people to fail to get out of a semi-final twice in the same city. There is one other (to my knowledge). Do you know who she is? Anyway, was Omar robeed in 2005? I think he was.

Omar is 37 today.

Vesel rojstni dan, Omar!