7 June – I would like to do something with blue, with pink

The home entrant. No pressure on performing in front of your home crowd then. Just imagine it, the local newspapers will be watching your every move and delving into your past. So you need to be squeaky clean.

Squeaky id probably the operative word when it comes to today’s birthday girl Sophie Carle. To her credit, she was a natural-born Luxembourgeoise, only the fourth one to sing for their country. And hopes were high that she could give 100% in her performance. Well, she gave a performance and still finished tenth out of 19. But that was not very good for a home entry. It’s true that Sophie did hit all the right notes, but not necessarily when she wanted to. If you’re the Dutch entrant in 2020, then perhaps you should see this as how not to perform a home song.

Sophie is 55 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Guddes Gebuertsdag, Sophie!